Quiz Answers

1. August & September when soil temperature is high for fast germination and there is little seed competition as there is in the spring.

October, because while the grass blade is not growing fast, its roots are. Feeding the root system will improve your grass stand and help choke out weeds.

3. The popular
"Poplar," of which the Aspen and Cottonwood are varieties.

Stoneware pottery, because it is non-porous, like glass, and not susceptible to decomposition from sunlight and moisture.

5. A treated wood
deck will release the arsenic and other toxins used to weatherproof it into the soil over time. These toxins do not break down readily in the soil and can contaminate the environment around it, including water supplies.

Spruce, pine or fir, the most commonly available softwood trees used in construction .

7. If you have an answer to this one, patent it and make your fortune!

8. A wide hole, because trees and shrubs need plenty of loose soil for their roots to spread out--not down--to establish the plant.

9. The soil color is the least important. Color can be misleading when judging the quality of soil.

10. From the most toxic to least--

No. 1 Malathion
No. 2
WeedBGone (2-4-D)
No. 3 Trimec
No. 4 Road salt
No. 5